This Week's Family-Friendly NE Houston Happenings!

By Patricia Alner May 27, 2016


Hello friends! At Macaroni Kid, we strive to be your BEST source of events and activities in and near North East Houston.


This rain is just making everyone's life miserable today.   Hopefully if you are home today you are able to stay home.   If you are working today, please be careful while driving home.   The streets are very wet and I am sure there are some flooded areas around.   There is one good thing about a rainy day.   It is the perfect time to watch a movie.   Since classes are winding down, so is the homework.   This gives us a little extra time to relax and watch something as a family.  One of my favorite movies to watch with the kids is The Neverending Story!  Do you have a favorite family friendly rainy day movie?  

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