Sponsor Spotlight- Sign Gypsies Humble

By Let Sign Gypsies help you celebrate that special occasion with yard signs. September 2, 2016
Whether you are celebrating a birthday, graduation, or just that it is Tuesday our Sponsor spotlight for this week, Sign Gypsies of Humble, can help you celebrate that special occasion with yard signs. 

Becoming a hot new trend, yard signs are words, characters, or other pictures that can be put in your yard to celebrate just about any occasion. For the first day back at school for Hidden Hollow Elementary we had Sign Gypsies come out and place signs that said First Day of School. 

How it works is that you contact Sign Gypsies and let them know what kind of activity you are celebrating. Really it can just be that you are celebrating Tuesday if you want. They have all kinds of letters to spell out words, pictures and characters to make your yard sign really come to life and create the perfect photo opportunity. 

They then come out late the night before the event and set up the signs in your own or someone else's yard that you want to surprise. If it is for someone else I do suggest warning someone in the household so that they don't call the cops on Sign Gypsies for trespassing. haha Sign Gypsies will then come out late the next day to remove the signs. 

They are very professional and make sure that they place the signs exactly where you would like, leave your yard clean of debris after the event, and really are just so pleasant to work with overall. Pricing varies based on how large of a display that you are wanting. 

Our First Day of School display was a perfect photo opp for parents to take of their kids and even some of the parents took their own photos!! This really is great for all types of events or parties. Contact them today to schedule your next yard display! 

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