This Week at NE Houston Macaroni Kid 9/2

By Overview of events and happenings this week at NE Houston Macaroni Kid September 2, 2016
Well school is back in full swing now for two weeks. As you may have noticed, I missed our weekly newsletter last week. Between travel for my other blog, being overwhelmed with a new position for PTA, and just getting back into a schedule I ran out of time to work on this website. Sorry about that! 

But I am back this week and though it will be a light week as far as articles again I at least wanted to check in with you all and remind you of a few events and activities that are happening in our area. 

Was anyone able to visit The Compassion Experience last weekend? I had plans to take my kids, but was invited on a last minute trip to LA to screen the new movie Storks that will be out September 23rd. It is a hilarious movie that your kids will love and really brings home the message of family. 

This Saturday is the electronics recycling day at Kingwood Metro Park & Ride from 9 am - 3 pm. 

Don't forget that each Thursday the Kingwood Farmers Market is open from 2 pm - 6 pm. 

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