Make Sure Your Child Has An “OWL-some” Day at School

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By Sponsored August 19, 2016

After you’re done buying school supplies, replenishing your child’s wardrobe and doing the millions of other things there are to do for the back-to-school season, take a moment to create something that will put a big smile on your child’s face. The first day of school is always fun and exciting, but this little sweet treat will make any school day even more enjoyable for your child.

The most amazing thing about this DIY lunchbox delight is that it only takes minutes to create.  It’s a quick and simple DIY project that can be crafted with just a few easy-to-get items. First, I swung by the bakery department during my weekly grocery store run and picked up some delectable cupcakes.  Next, I stopped by the cookie and candy isles.  The other items I used were laying around my house.  Take a look at the “OWL-some” treat I created!

No prepping, baking or cleaning - grabbing the cupcakes from the bakery department in my grocery store shaved off SO much time. These adorable cupcakes were a blast to make and I’m sure they’ll be even more fun for my child to devour at lunch time.

When searching for yummy ideas to brighten up my children’s lunchboxes, I often get inspired on Pinterest.  The Give Bakery Because page has a variety of great ideas for packing up your baked goods in a cute and clever way.

Visit the #GiveBakery Pinterest page at to get inspired for your next DIY gifting adventure.  Be sure to share your personal projects and how you got creative with tasty treats from your local grocery store’s bakery!